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Guitar Qualifications

I am a great believer that if you learn music theory properly and apply it to your playing it can prove to be an exceptionally useful element of your musicianship and again help you maximise your potential.


I am an experienced RSL “RockSchool” tutor and can teach all practical and theory grades. I have now taught hundreds of pupil’s instrumental grades and have helped guide over 76 pupils to grade 8.   I have run RSL exam centres for a number of years and have been an examiner for Edexcel Music Technology, from which I have picked a vast amount of knowledge about what examiners expect from pupils.


The RSL exams are an excellent way to develop a broad range of techniques and playing styles which can incorporate well known pieces from the original artists.  These qualifications are perfect for pupils who wish to gain a qualification in contemporary music, and there are many units and pathways from which to choose, with a focus on either music technology or performance.


RSL Access to Music

Example of the units I offer:


Performance Pathway

  1. Music Rehearsal Skills

  2. Live Music Performance

  3. Lead Performer

  4. Improving Instrumental Skills


Additional Units

  • Getting Work in Music

  • Studio Sound Recording

  • Studio Sound Mixing

Puplils will learn to:


  1. perform effectively on their instrument/voice;

  2. rehearse and display musicianship skills;

  3. initiate and develop repertoire;

  4. rehearse effectively and perform music live;

  5. understand contextual issues relating to music style, audience and the music industry;

  6. understand relevant aspects of music technology.

Guitar Exams

  • RSL (Rockschool)

    • Electric and Acoustic courses

    • Grades 1-8


Music Theory Exams

  • RSL Rockschool

    • Grades 1- 8


    • Grades 1-5

RSL Access to Music Courses

  • Level 2 (GCSE) standard

  • Level 3 (A Level) standard. 

    • Extended Certificate and Subsidiary Diploma courses available.

    • Multiple unit choices available

    • Professional music venue where all performance exams and showcase events will be held.

"I honestly believe that Chris is the reason that I received perfect distinctions through out my first year"

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Grade 6 – 8 carry UCAS points, perfect for students looking to study music at a higher level.  It can also outline to employers how focused you can be to be able to reach such a high standard.


I also offer courses at Level 2 and 3 RSL “RockSchool” Access to Music qualifications.

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