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About Me

Hi, I'm Chris,


After I graduated from Coventry University with a BA hons, I decided to develop my teaching skills by studying for a formal teaching qualification (PGCE).  I did this whilst working at Godalming College, and this really helped in developing different approaches to teaching and learning and made me a much more focused and professional teacher.


During my time at Godalming college I set up my own contemporary music department and helped many students achieve distinction grades covering GCSEs,AS and A level equivalent qualifications.  I also devised and set up a  and ran a contemporary music trip to New York resulting in masterclasses with seasoned Broadway professionals.  On top of this I set up an exam centre and a contemporary music summer school during my 15 years there.


I now have over 15 years of teaching experience as a private tutor, and also teaching A Level Music at Godalming College and Level 2 and 3 Rockschool qualifications at Cranleigh School.


I enjoy songwriting and performing with my band, ReedMaxfield, and produce all of our own work in my own recording studio. I am also Producing a number of solo artists booked in for Spring 2016.


Away from my guitar, I've been known to visit the cinema occasionally.



From a parents viewpoint Chris is a very approachable teacher, willing to give the time to discuss progress and future development. Our daughter Charlotte finds Chris kind, patient, full of encouragement, willing to go at her pace though challenges too and happy to allow her to play her choice of song. We all love Chris's enthusiasm and passion for music....inspiring.

Kirsty F

Student Achievements

I am proud to have helped hundreds of pupils pass their guitar grades, including around 75 at Grade 8.


As an experienced and successful teacher of RSL RockSchool courses, I have also helped pupils achieve both Level 2 and Level 3 Access To Music gradings, including several to Distinction level.

In the two short years Chris has been teaching our daughter she has gone from a beginner to a confident 14 year old guitar player. Chris also helped Charlie choose the right guitar for her build and she now confidently and regularly entertains appreciative audiences for her Duke of Edinburgh Award voluntary work. This man truly inspires pupils, they enjoy working with him and his reputation across the county is unmatched.

Neil W-H, Cranleigh

Chris taught me guitar, music theory and music technology for two years whilst I was at college. He's passionate about music and this is clear in his teaching. He's the perfect balance of non- judgmental and patient whilst extremely supportive and encouraging. From my experience, he always gets the best out of his students. But above all this, Chris is just a genuinely lovely chap! If it weren't for his ongoing enthusiasm for study, I don't believe I would have the skills that lead me to university and straight into making a full time living from music. I would whole heartedly recommended Chris to anybody looking to study in music.

Kate W (Session writer / vocalist)

Chris was my tutor for a number of years, seeing me through countless grade (including grade 8 guitar) and theory exams. His superb teaching helped me to become the musician I am today, without his spirit and enthusiasm I wouldn't be blessed to say that music is all I do - throughout the world."


Tom K (Professional Musician)

Chris has taught my son Archie, for the past 4 years and has guided him through the Rockschool exams both practical and theory up to Grade 5 so far, as well as Grade 5 in ABRSM theory.  He re-ignited his passion for playing when he had all but given up and it's worth putting up with Chris' corny jokes just to hear what he can do now.  He is a great teacher.


Sue T (Mother of Archie)

Not only is Chris an inspirational guy, but he's a good friend. About 3 years ago I was approached by him to consider taking the RockSchool Access To Music Subsidiary Diploma, I took on his offer and what a great decision that was! I learnt so much from him, amongst that were the performance, studio and getting work in music skills. Not only this but he ultimately turned me from a classical musician to a contemporary one through his countless bass playing tips and ideas - something which I will forever be grateful for! Without Chris I would never have got my Distinction Star in RockSchool but I also wouldn't have turned out to be the bass player I am today. Hence, I would highly recommend him to anyone wanting to learn guitar or learn about the current music industry and how it all happens!

Harrison W

Chris was my guitar teacher for six years, and is a truly excellent tutor. He is incredibly patient and has always shown an understanding that being a beginner guitarist can be very frustrating at times! His support and encouragement has given me and many other students the confidence to play, and turned the chore of practice into a fun, rewarding experience. His famous sense of humour and talent for terrible jokes made every lesson a joy, and I am very grateful that I had the privilege of being his student for so long. I owe him a lot, least of all my passion for music and confidence in my abilities. I really can’t recommend him enough as a teacher!


Louis H

I had the pleasure of being taught by Chris Maxfield during my first year at college. I first met him during an open evening, where he talked endlessly about the opportunities that I would receive if I were to take that course. Little did he know that I would not only take Music Technology thanks to him, but I would also attend Godalming College.

     My first year with Chris was truly informative whilst also being entertaining. Chris has a unique way of engaging his students with their work, mostly through weird anecdotes (or Chris-ism as we called them) but genuinely these were beyond helpful when completing coursework.   In addition Chris had endless commitment and patience when it came to teaching. When anyone was struggling, he would always offer them extra help in order to help improve their grades, and I really admired that about him.  The dedication to his work is undeniable and no one could challenge that.   When I was being taught by him, he strived for each and everyone of us to aim for the best. He wouldn’t let us settle with less if he thought we could achieve more. This kind of faith and courage that Chris bestowed onto me during my time with him, he did likewise for the rest of his students. I honestly believe that Chris is the reason that I received perfect distinctions through out my first year. His teaching laid the foundations for me, and I have been able to use his knowledge to continue to achieve distinctions in my second year.

     For anyone who thinks they want to learn guitar, or about the music industry then Chris (without a doubt) is the person to go to. His endless patience coupled with his excellent teaching will help progress your knowledge further whilst you also enjoy your time learning.


Lily M

'Chris was always my favourite teacher in college due to the nature of his classes and his relationship with the students. His lessons and tips have greatly improved my music and I fully recommend him to any ambitious music student who wants to enhance their skills and have a great time while doing it'

Patrick H-W

Chris served as an unbelievably encouraging mentor up to my grade 6 RockSchool exam a few years ago. His motivation and passion could not have been replicated by anyone, and his encouragement to expand my musical horizons was something truly unique and refreshing.


Luke H (University Student)

Chris has been my tutor, colleague and a client of mine during the 12 years that I have known him. In the two years I studied at Godalming College, he taught me to a grade A qualification in Music Technology, grade 5 in guitar, and grade 5 in Music Theory. Chris always goes the extra mile to try and help students achieve their full potential, both in lessons and out. Since leaving college and entering work within the music industry myself, I have had the pleasure of working alongside Chris as a Music Mentor and Teaching Assistant, as well as providing my services as a live sound engineer and as a co-producer and recording engineer for his own band Reed Maxfield. I can quite happily say that Chris is one of the best teachers in the music education sector for both his private tuition and college work. It is without a doubt that I would not be working within the music industry today if it was not for Mr Maxfield's hard work and enthusiasm for teaching during my time as his student. Thank you Chris!

Will W (professional sound engineer)

Chris taught me guitar over the course of two years, and was undoubtedly one of the biggest influences in my guitar playing. He was not only passionate and committed, but was able to truly make me feel like I had progressed after every lession. He guided me through my grade 6 and grade 8 rock school guitar exams, and enabled me to reach my full potential

Daniel Robertson

Chris was my guitar teacher for 5 years whilst i attended Cranleigh School. His passion and skill as a teacher and a mentor was exceptional and i truly believe that my accomplishments as a guitarist would not have been achieved without the patience and guidance of Chris. He managed to get me through both a grade 6 and grade 8 guitar exam, a distinction* in a Rock School subsidiary diploma, and supported me through other various music related exams, including grade 5 theory and my music technology A level course. I owe a lot to Chris, he is an outstanding teacher, person, and a good friend.


Alex T (Huddersfield University Music Production)

Chris taught me for a number of years, and helped me discover my greatest passion. He also made learning much more enjoyable with his great sense of humor, understanding, and patience. An important part I found of his teaching was that he never forgot the most important part of it: to enjoy it! A highly experienced teacher that I am very thankful for!

James H

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