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Guitar Tuition

Maxfield Music Tuition

With over fifteen years of teaching music and music technology, both in the classroom and in one to one instrumental lessons, I have learnt how to maximise the potential of each pupil. 


I offer one-to-one tuition covering a wide range of styles on both electric and acoustic guitars for students aged 5 and upwards. 


Lessons are shaped around the individuals ability and objectives, so whether you would like to learn the guitar for fun or take it a little more seriously I can offer a suitable pathway that will you achieve your goals.

The benefits of my tuition

My tuition gives each individual a focus and a clear direction that many online products lack.  It can also introduce you to new styles and provide encouragement when things get a little tricky.  In other words, a personal service. 


I also love to involve my pupils in my live work so they get the opportunity to see myself and other professionals at work.  Many great guitarists are self- taught but having some professional guidance can save hours by avoiding the need to un-learn bad techniques.


Having a good teacher can also help pupils to focus on building an effective practice routine that can help keep them motivated and avoid falling into bad habits.  This will help speed up their learning process vastly and these learning skills can be transferred to many other learning skills, such as planning, time management, how to stay focused and how to keep improving and setting higher goals.


Each pupil is an individual and it is the role of a good to teacher to help maximize their potential by getting to know what motivates them as a musician.  When a pupil goes through a tough period that is when the teacher can help find other ways and methods to improve in a specific area.

Guitar development

The following are techiniques that I believe are an essential part of a musicians development:


  1. Chord Knowledge: (CAGED Chord system), Harmonised Major and minor scales.

  2. Rhythmic Strumming Patterns

    • Picking Patterns (Rhythm Pick Patterns)

    • Finger Style (Travis Picking)

  3. Finger dexterity

  4. Picking

  5. Fingerstyle

  6. String Bending,

  7. Vibrato.

  8. Scales: Major and minor Pentatonic, Blues, Modes of the Major scale, Melodic   and Harmonic Minor, Augment, Diminished and Chromatic.

  9. Phrasing:  One of the most important and easily identifiable aspects of a musician’s sound is the way that they make musical phrases.


Most lessones are given from my own studio near Godalming, Surrey, but also at Cranleigh School three days a week from 4pm during term time.

"This man truly inspires pupils, they enjoy working with him and his reputation across the county is unmatched." 


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Maxfield Music Tuition

If you are passionate about learning guitar and would like help to reach your potential and want to broaden your horizons as a musician, please contact me.

Length of Lessons

Half Hour Guitar Lessons

30 minute lessons can be very effective and are very popular amongst less experienced players as their attention span seems to suit this length. The other major factor is that finger strength has not had time to develop.

One Hour Guitar Lessons

Longer lessons are essential for pupils who want to achieve a lot in a short space of time.  Of course if you have been playing for a while and you have a developed a regular practice routine your finger muscles will have grown stronger. This includes learning songs, grade pieces, scales, techniques and improvisation.   Also I like to introduce music theory and style research and development into this. 

Farncombe Music Club

I am a regular volunteer here and I love to bring my pupils to help out and watch some of the high class artists that regularly visit this great venue.

NEW!  Junior Ukulele Lesson

I am now offering group lessons (depending on availability) or individual lessonsfor the Ukulele.  Junior classes now available from the ages of 5 up.


This is a perfect start to any child's musical development. It's size means there is no problem with reach or posture and it helps develop chord shapes and strumming patterns. This is also perfect for ensemble work and performing and singing songs for the first time.

Please Contact Me for more details. 

Guitar Maintenance

Essential maintenance of your guitar is crucial to keep it performing as it should.  

I cover all aspects of essential maintenance, including restringing, as part of my tuition. 

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